How to Protect Your Financial Castle with One Easy Move

How to Protect Your Financial Castle with One Easy Move

One of the most crucial moves in chess is castling.

This is where you move the rook and king at the same time in a way that they cross paths, moving the king to a protected space behind a detachment of strong defending pieces. Castling is often done close to the beginning of the game. There are two purposes in castling:

  • to protect the king, the most important piece on the board
  • to take the powerful rook out of its corner and place it in a strong central position

When it comes to your finances, you can also “castle” to protect your money and make you stronger.


Buy insurance to protect your king and your castle.

You are your king, and your house your castle. Both need protection.

Even if you are young and healthy, with your whole life ahead of you to work, save, and invest, you don’t know what may happen. For this reason, you should buy an effective life and disability insurance policy, especially if you have a spouse and children depending on you. Accidents happen and so do sudden illnesses.

Even if you never need to cash in on the policy, payments weren’t made in vain and you didn’t “lose money” – every premium you paid protected you, your family, and your castle against an unknown potential disaster. And if the worst (illness, disability, or death) happens, you had a safety net provide for your family during a time of need.

Play life like a grandmaster plays chess and castle (buy insurance) early in the game. It is one of the best moves you can make!