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by Grandmaster Susan Polgar & Douglas Goldstein, CFP®


Apply winning chess strategies to your personal finance, investing, and money management. Rich As A King is not just another personal finance book nor just another chess book. It is the first book to incorporate chess strategies into creating personal financial success.

Chess and money go together!
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About the Authors

Douglas Goldstein, CFP®

Douglas Goldstein, CFP®

Founder & Director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.

When I started on Wall Street, my favorite client was my grandmother. She, in fact, had been a stock broker many years earlier, having been one of the first women to earn the license. Following in her footsteps, my mother also became an investment advisor, helping clients plan and build wealth throughout her 17-year career. I joined her as a partner in 1992, and the #1 lesson that I learned… Read More

Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar

Grandmaster & Olympic Champion

Though I’ve been known as a chess player my whole life, I find that characterization of me to be somewhat paradoxical. On the one hand, I’m a very social person, with family and friends representing the cornerstone of who I am. On the other hand, however, playing chess is often seen as a solitary activity. After all, when I face my competitors with the clock ticking and money at stake… Read More

Testimonials & Reviews

on the first book about Chess and Money

“Goldstein and Polgar integrate chess and investing strategies in a remarkably entertaining and educational fashion. Chess players who know little about investing, and investors who know little about chess, will gain fresh insights…”

Ken Rogoff

Professor, Harvard University

“Rich As A King is an entertaining, informative, and very interesting treatment of investment strategy, tactics and wisdom. It is surprisingly exhaustive in its coverage. Its strength lies in three areas. One is the explicit recognition…”

Michael Spence

Nobel Prize Laureate, Economics

“Susan Polgar and Doug Goldstein take financial strategy-making to an entirely new level by showing how financial decisions and strategies are like the strategies employed by the chess masters. In entertaining and easy to understand prose…”

Henry E. Juszkiewicz

CEO, Gibson Guitars

Chess and Money go together. Learn how! Get the book today!

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