Strategic Corporate Consulting

The strategic thinking “chess and money” team of Susan Polgar and Douglas Goldstein are available for corporate consulting and keynote speeches. If your company could benefit from an objective, outside perspective on your management and systems, or if a day’s worth of inspiration and coaching fits in with your corporate culture, contact us now. All corporate presentations and events are customizable for your situation.

Susan and Doug can work with your senior management or with your whole team on:


    • Strategic management
    • Financial management
    • Long-term goal setting and planning

Special activities can include:

  • Simultaneous chess exhibitions (let your whole group play against Susan – she set the Guinness world record for this amazing challenge by playing 326 games at the same time)
  • Inspirational speeches (against all odds to crash through the Iron Curtain of Communist Hungary and to shatter the male-only dominance of the chess world, Susan became world champion)
  • Personal financial planning (in an educational and amusing way, Doug has guided thousands of people to get on track with their investments, retirement plans, and long-term financial goals)


To speak about a customized onsite day (or days) with Susan and Doug, contact us now.