Many people have said that the best part of Rich As A King is the almost 40 videos that Susan and Doug created. The videos run from 2 minutes to 7 minutes in length and give fantastic explanations and illustrations of the ideas in the book. They’re a free, super-valuable bonus for everyone who buys the book.

How to get the videos

In order to access the videos, you need to have a copy of the book with you.

Turn to page 260 and look at the last word on the page. Fill in that word in the “Video password” field to the right along with your email address and we’ll send you all you need to access all the videos.

Here are the 3 simple steps you must follow to watch the videos (if you skip any step, it won’t work):

1. Fill in the video password and your email address to the right.

2. Receive a confirmation email from us. (IMPORTANT: It can take up to 20 minutes to receive the email, so hang on! And be sure to check your spam/junk filters if you don’t see it. If you have any problems email us.)

3. CRITICAL: Find the email that comes from “Susan Polgar & Doug Goldstein” and click on the “Confirmation link” right below the words “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW.” When you click on that link, you will be automatically directed to the page where you can watch all of the videos.

If you have any difficulties, please send an email to and we’ll help you right away!

The Video Password is the last word on page 260 of Rich As A King 

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