Susan Polgar Shattered the Glass Ceiling

01eea7_5498ca9aaef0aef8130a6297452a7e4d.jpg_srz_130_134_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWhen Grandmaster Susan Polgar was a young girl in Communist Hungary, her ambition was to become a chess grandmaster. But in the 1970s, and especially behind the Iron Curtain, this seemed to be an impossible dream as chess was very much a man’s game, and the chess authorities held the fact that she was a girl against her.

Yet Susan never gave up, and she fought to pave the way for many gifted women chess players to reach the top. Eventually she became the top chess player in the world and achieved the title of grandmaster in 1991, becoming the first woman to do so. Today she is teaching young people, and especially girls, how to excel in chess.

Susan spoke about her fight to break through the glass ceiling in a TEDx talk.

Watch this video of the talk and be inspired to break through your own personal glass ceiling. Find out why Susan’s favorite question is “Why not?”

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