Press Release: Publication of Rich As A King


Susan Polgar Reveals How Investors Can Use Chess Strategies to Build Wealth

www.richasaking.comNew book with CFP Douglas Goldstein applies chess techniques to financial planning and investing

St. Louis, Missouri, June 30th, 2014 

In an innovative new book, Grandmaster Susan Polgar has teamed up with renowned financial advisor Douglas Goldstein, CFP® to apply the thinking used for winning on the chessboard to making smart investment decisions.

How chess can help investors

Rich As A King uses chess techniques to explain the do’s and don’ts of successful investing and money management, explaining such concepts as investor confidence, goal setting, the function of insurance, risk tolerance, and more.

Polgar points out that the strategic tactics used in chess and investing are really not that different from one another: “The severe highs and lows of a grandmaster’s career often resemble the various market swings,” she says. Goldstein adds, “The research that we did, from analyzing Susan’s own ground-breaking games to talking with Economics Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, led us to discover dozens of correlations between chess and investing. In our book, we list the 64 chess strategies that anyone can use to dramatically improve his financial situation. And even though we finished writing the book, we’re still uncovering new ideas which we’re putting on our blog.”

Great reviews (see more at

The book has already garnered a slew of positive reviews, including praise from:

  • Nobel Prize winning economist, Michael Spence, “Rich As A King is an entertaining, informative, and very interesting treatment of investment strategy, tactics and wisdom.”
  • Harvard professor and former Chief Economist of the IMF, Grandmaster Ken Rogoff, “Chess players who know little about investing, and investors who know little about chess, will gain fresh insights into both.”
  • Washington State Director of the AARP Doug Shadel “Rich As A King is a treasure trove of financial tips, brilliantly weaving together the strategic thinking of a chess master with the practical advice of an experienced financial analyst.”



Rich As A King is a must-read for anyone interested in Polgar’s chess career, as it is illustrated with some of her classic chess moves. It describes the strategies she used to beat famous world champion Vasily Smyslov in 1993, and Xie Jun in 1996 in great detail.

Coauthor Douglas Goldstein notes, “Whether or not you’ve ever slid a pawn across the chessboard or spent a weekend going through a pile of annual corporate reports, you can hone your investment strategies to manage your personal financial life like a true grandmaster.”

Publication details

Release date: October 21, 2014 (to coincide with the World Chess Championship match in Sochi, Russia)

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing, NY

Book specs: paperback, hardcover, ebook (kindle, nook), audio book, 286 pages + index

Bonus material: Readers of Rich As A King get access to 36 never-before-seen videos of Susan Polgar teaching chess ideas (see sample: