One Strategic Tool in the Grandmaster’s Toolbox if You Write a Lot

One Strategic Tool in the Grandmaster’s Toolbox if You Write a Lot

timeIf you are reading this piece, I hope that you already downloaded a free copy of The Grandmaster’s Toolbox. Susan Polgar and I put that together in order to share the many online resources (and some off-line resources, too) that we use every day to sharpen our strategic thinking. I want to take a minute to highlight one of them which I am using right now, dictation software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. 

Since I write quite a bit (Rich As A King is just under 300 pages), I really like that I am able to simply talk to my computer and have it type everything for me. Using Dragon Naturally Speaking, even though I’m a very fast typist, helps me to get all of the ideas that I have in my head onto paper… or onto the screen. If you haven’t tried this type of software, I suggest that you check it out. Make sure that you have a good headset because the program works much better when you have a high-quality sound system.

Dictation software is definitely a good investment, and a strategic move. This is because the most valuable thing that you have during your day is time, and if you waste it because you are a slow typist, you are literally losing money.

Efficiency is the hallmark of all grandmasters.

Give this program a try and let me know what you think.