Not an April Fool’s Joke – Increase Your Financial Literacy

Not an April Fool’s Joke – Increase Your Financial Literacy

April is National Financial Literacy Month.

How will you celebrate?

By going on a shopping spree or by doubling your efforts to budget, save, and invest?

The Senate recognized the importance of financial education and literacy in 2004, when it officially designated April as National Financial Literacy Month.  Events and activities promoting financial education are taking place all across America.

We hope you take some time to increase you (and your family’s) financial literacy.

Susan and I are also marking Financial Literacy Month with a Goodreads giveaway of Rich As A King. To enter the giveaway and win one of five signed copies of Rich As A King, click here.

(Note the giveaway is only open to people residing in the United States. We apologize to our international readers.)

After you enter the giveaway, take the next step to improving your financial literacy and click here to learn how to make good money decisions.

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