Rich As A KingBonus Readings from Rich As A King

We had more ideas on how to use chess strategies to improve your finances than we could fit in the print version of Rich As A King. To thank you for purchasing the book, we made some bonus ideas available online, just for you. If you enjoy reading them, you probably will also enjoy learning more ideas about how to be a strategic investor in our blog and podcast. Sign up here.

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The Primary Goal of Insurance | Page 41

The two main types of life insurance are “term” and “permanent.” Term life is a pure insurance product, while permanent insurance, also called “whole life,” has a savings component, too. Make term…Read More

Take the Initiative and Use Trade Order Qualifiers | Page 49

Look through these order qualifiers and decide which ones you’ll use the next time you take the initiative in your financial game…Read More

Four Techniques to Make You a Better Investor | Page 94

Try these techniques to truly make yourself a patient person…Read More

How to Talk About Money So Your Spouse Will Listen | Page 106

When starting the dialogue with your spouse about finances make sure to be particularly sensitive, since money pushes a lot of emotional buttons in people, including fear, anxiety, guilt, and anger…Read More

12 Major Market Sectors | Page 126

Keep in mind the following segments of the economy when choosing where to allocate money, and make sure your money is diversified among several sectors…Read More

Size Matters: Large, Medium, or Small-Cap Companies | Page 126

The term “market capitalization,” or “market cap,” refers to the size of a company. Determine this figure by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the price per share…Read More

Premium Bonds: What Makes Them So Valuable? | Page 140

A premium bond is one that you buy on the secondary market for more than par value ($1,000)…Read More

Mutual Funds Come in Many Formats | Page 156

With the abundance of theme funds available, and the ever expanding number of growth funds, value funds, balanced funds, bond funds, tax-free funds, socially conscious funds, and more, how can an individual investor efficiently establish a broadly diversified account? Read More

Fund Expenses and Tax Example | Page 161

In addition to their regular expense ratio and trading costs, funds may assess sales charges as follows…Read More

Call Options | Page 192

When you buy a call option (a contract) from a seller (sometimes called the option “writer”), it gives you the right to buy a specific number of shares of a stock from him at a set price (strike price) for a limited period of time…Read More

Benefiting from Losses in ETFs | Page 198

Tax-loss swaps don’t offer you a best-of-both-worlds opportunity only in bonds. If you own ETFs (exchange traded funds), you can unload a losing position and buy a similar fund at the same time…Read More