Use Chess Strategies to Improve Your Financial Situation


Building wealth requires a well thought out strategy, not just a few handy money tricks. Rich As a King leads you to develop your own long-term approach to achieving your financial goals.

Don’t confuse strategy with tactics.

Strategy (i.e., financial planning) is the core of success in personal finance, whereas tactics (i.e., specific investment choices, the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in your portfolio), are simply the tools used to implement a plan.

How is this book different than other personal finance books?

Though many books explain the basic rules for handling money, their aim falls short of turning their readers into strategic financial thinkers.

Learn how to think ahead and apply grandmaster-level strategies to financial success.

The media sells “get rich quick” books since they have mass appeal. But those books usually don’t work in turning their readers into millionaires. The best strategy to becoming wealthy is to develop a long-term disciplined approach to improving your personal financial situation. Using strategy and long-term thinking is the only way to get on the path to success in any endeavor.

Strategy works

Top performers in every field have something in common – they triumphed in their fields because of a solid strategy. And many share another trait: playing chess. Beethoven, David Bowie, Sting, David Letterman, Humphrey Bogart, Steve Martin, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud all were tops in their fields… and they mastered chess strategies, too.