Efficient Decision Making Can Improve your Financial Situation


Efficient decision making not only saves time, but leads to better decisions. Making efficient decisions is a crucial skill to have in chess, in life in general, and particularly in investing.

Even dedicated do-it-yourself investors spend inordinate amounts of time making a choice. But if you follow pattern recognition, and know the patterns to follow, you can make quick and more effective judgment calls. Rather than reinventing investment strategies, you can play the time-tested approaches and have confidence that you are making the right moves.

Champion chess players recognize the overall feeling of a game (not necessarily the exact positions) and can make instantaneous moves. In one simultaneous game Susan played in Argentina, one of her opponents recalled: “Susan looked like a steamroller, passing quickly through each board, without even looking at it briefly before each move.”

While past performance is not a guarantee of future performances, being able to recognize investing patterns can help you make an investing decision.